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Our digital marketing leads are instantly transferred to you via a private slack channel. No sitting in a database, delay times, etc.

Branded Under Your Company

Every lead received only sees your brand throughout the entire funnel. Every other lead broker acquires leads with their brand, and then sells them to you expecting you to make an awkward transition.

Free Refills On Bad Leads

If we deliver a lead with incorrect information, we can confirm this & have no problem refilling for free.

Exclusive To Your Agency

Every lead passed on to you is exclusively YOURS. We never share lead information with anyone other than you.

Zapier Integration

Integrate our leads with Zapier, so you can use all the lead information we pass through to create unlimited possible back-end sequences.

Perfect For SEO, PPC, & Web-Design

Our partner agencies successfully sell our leads local/organic SEO, PPC, and web-design. Take the leads in the direction you want.

Are there any start-up costs?

Traditional media agencies that build the landing page and branding through the entire funnel typically charge five to $10,000 start-up costs. We at FROM FUTURE do not charge monthly retainers or start-up fees, nor do you have to spend a monthly ad cost without the promise of a set amount of leads. We believe in you paying one cost and getting a set amount of high-quality leads.

How many sales am I going to get for 20 leads?

That solely depends on the skill of your sales staff. If you don’t call the Leads promptly or you are just emailing the leads back asking them to buy, then you’re probably not going to be very successful. There are no consistent digital marketing leads that are one-call close leads.


All it takes is to close one business per 20 leads for you to recoup all your costs and be profitable the next month with an ongoing paid subscription to your services. These leads are good enough if you cannot close one business per 20 leads; perhaps you are in the wrong business or have the wrong people calling these leads or a flawed sales process.

Can I get niche-specific leads?

Yes, you can request niche-specific leads, but the cost is much higher depending on the niche. As an example, attorney Leads are over $100 per lead. Getting a managing partner to opt into our landing page is much more difficult.

Can I request geo-specific leads?

Yes, you may request Geo specific or location-specific leads, but the leads will cost an additional $25-$50 per lead, depending upon location.

How do you create the leads?

So many people come to us and think that we’re so naïve that we’re going to give the proprietary method that took us close to 18 months to create and just reveal it for free. The short answer is that we drive traffic to a landing page, and the owners of the businesses opt in. If you want the full recipe, we have a $25,000 mastermind you can inquire about.

Do you have any packages for less than 20 leads or less than $1000?

The short answer is that we have no desire to sell anything less than leads in 20 packs.
We must build unique landing pages and special reports branded with your company’s logos and information. Marketing agencies require thousands of dollars to start and a monthly retainer. We choose not to do that. If you can’t afford to invest $1000 in your business to grow or scale, then perhaps the leads are not meant for you at this particular time.

How are the leads delivered, and are they just being sold to me?

The leads you receive are unique to you, your company, and no one else. This is why they are branded and marketed under your company’s name.


The leads are delivered through our private slack channel less than one minute after the business owner fills out their information. This ensures that you get the leads instantly.

How much do these leads pay on average as clients?

This strictly depends on the specialty of your agency. This also depends on the sales skill of your agency. Business owners are generally comfortable between prices of $1200-$3000 per month, depending on the niche and geographic location of the lead.

Do we have to spend money on an ad spend?

There are no out-of-pocket costs on ad spend; the cost per lead is the total cost.

What is the regular close ratio per 20 leads?

This depends on the skill of your sales staff. A seasoned sales staff with good follow-up should close three out of 10 leads in the first 7 to 14 days. After 60 days of proper follow-up, that should be anywhere from 7 to 10 closed on 20 leads. It is virtually impossible not to close a minimum of two out of 20 leads. 2 sales at $1000 per month = $2000 and would double your money from your lead spend each and every month.

How long have you been in business?

The parent company has been in business for over 11 years. This particular division has been active for over 18 months. The parent company has sold over $40 million of digital marketing training online and over $10 million in white label agencies for over 1400 other agencies. The parent company is an agency that has over 200 clients and specializes in organic traffic.

If these leads are so fantastic, why doesn't your company use them all?

We do utilize our own leads, but we only specialize in one particular niche. We decided to help other agencies with the niches we do not desire to penetrate.

What if the information on the lead is incorrect, or I feel I have a bad lead?

We dislike bad leads just as much as you do, and we’re happy to replace any lead with obvious wrong information.

Do you have a community I can join to help network with other agencies working with your leads?

Yes, we have a free community you can join here:

What information do you provide on each lead?

Each lead has 17 data points enriched across multiple APIs to ensure accuracy. Including Google my business profile total reviews and top-five competitors in their business category listed in Google.

What makes a lead a lead?

A lead is a business decision maker or owner that opted into our leading page requesting more information about how to improve their website visibility to improve their revenue.

What type of digital marketing services are these leads designed for?

Our leads are best suited for any digital marketing agency that provides services to businesses for search engine optimization, paid ads, social media, and web design.

I’ve never heard of your company before, who are you?

We understand that, but in all fairness, we have never heard of you either. We are an umbrella company under Kotton Grammer Media and have been in digital marketing for over 12 years. Kotton Grammer is responsible for helping over 3000 digital marketing agency owners get started. In 2021 we donated over $1 million back to local businesses to help in pandemic relief.

We currently handle all the back-in fulfillment via white label for over 800+ Agencies.

Do you guarantee sales?

All we provide you are solid leads of interested business owners. We cannot vouch for the expertise or ability of your sales staff or the products that you sell. We cannot guarantee you sales. There is no lead agency on planet earth that is going to guarantee you sales. If you don’t have confidence in your product or your sales staff, I will discourage you from purchasing anything from us. I just want to give you the best possible advice based on transparency and honesty in business.

Results Don't Lie
  1. Once you purchase a leads package, we send you an onboarding form that gives us all the information we need about your agency to build out your branded funnel.
  2. Once we receive the form, we get you setup on your own private slack channel, which is where the leads are delivered to you & all communication is done.
  3. Within 1-2 business days, onboarding will be complete and you are ready to start receiving leads.
  4. We provide over 17 data-points about each prospect.
  5. Any lead delivered with incorrect information is automatically refilled for free.
  6. It’s best to integrate out leads with your own Zapier account, so you can build infinite backend automations when the lead is received.


$50 / lead
  • Minimum Order Of 20 Leads
  • Live-Transferred
  • Exclusive To Your Agency
  • Complimentary Branded Landing Page Build
  • Free Refills On Bad Leads
  • Zapier Integration
  • Perfect For SEO, PPC, & Web-Design


$45 / lead
  • Minimum Order Of 40 Leads
  • Live-Transferred
  • Exclusive To Your Agency
  • Complimentary Branded Landing Page Build
  • Free Refills On Bad Leads
  • Zapier Integration
  • Perfect For SEO, PPC, & Web-Design


$40 / lead
  • Minimum Order Of 60 Leads
  • Live-Transferred
  • Exclusive To Your Agency
  • Complimentary Branded Landing Page Build
  • Free Refills On Bad Leads
  • Zapier Integration
  • Perfect For SEO, PPC, & Web-Design
No shady payment processors or crypto required
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