Other people are creating your reputation for you, we give that control back to you.
No matter the situation, we have your solution.
How we solve the Problem
We control your search results

Push down the bad

Suppress incorrect, embarrassing, malicious, or outdated search results so that people don’t find them.

Push up the good

Promote high-quality, positive search results that reflect well on you.

Build a Fortress around you for tomorrow.

Strengthen your search results so that they can withstand future threats.

Create a positive first impression.

Control what people find when they search for you or your business online.


Build a Media Room

We give you the ability to directly publish media releases to the press from your own personal brand website or business website. This is the exact method that Fortune 500 companies use to get their message out to the media. They do not use press release companies. This sends out a powerful signal to Google that you are not a small entity. Building a media room is vital in controlling the narrative in search about your personal name, brand or your company. This helps push down bad articles or images.

Image Sculpting

We have direct connections with hundreds of household name publishers. Getting published in places like Forbes, Bloomberg or USA Today is option to control the narrative about your personal name or your brand with they are searching page 1 of Google.

Make your accomplishments show up online

The Internet is the first place people turn for information. When they go looking for you, We help your accomplishments appear front and center. We can create a consistent, professional presence that is easy to find and built according to best practices.

More Reviews

  • Centralize review monitoring We see your online reviews from all the most important sites combined into a single online dashboard
  • Encourage customers to review you Easily send “please review us” requests to your customers via email or text message
  • Easily earn social media recommendations Gain new customers through social media recommendations
  • Show up higher in smartphone searches Increase your visibility to customers search


Provide us with your profile information once, and our staff of Social Media specialists will create accounts for you on 300+ social networks at once. Not only does this save an immense amount of your time and labor in answering 300+ validation emails, uploading 300 logos, and completing 300 forms, but it performs the very time-sensitive task of securing your business, brand, product, or personal name on all of these social networks before someone else does.

Just like you want to search for your brand name’s availability with “dot com” so you can secure your domain name before it’s gone, many people don’t realize Social Media works the same way – every social network only offers unique usernames – once they’re gone, it’s too late.

But unlike domain registration, there is no central administration service that controls the naming rights on all of these hundreds of social networks. If you already possess the trademark or legal right to a username but it’s taken, you’d have to contact each and every social networks’ owner, individually with a legal cease and desist or DMCA takedown notice to try and recover it.

These are the most natural and safest links that ANY website needs.

By owning the social profiles under your own brand you also control the narrative of how people search your company or business. 7 of 10 people do a brand or company search before they make a purchase. Control what they say when they search. One bad article review about your business or company can cost you about 50% profit each and every month until it’s off of page 1.

Creating a defense around your brand name is the smartest thing you can do for your business and this is the first step.